Integral coaching

Coaching is particularly effective when delivered in conjunction with learning and training programmes, for this reason it’s an obvious add-on to most of the client work we’re involved with. In addition we offer integral coaching as a tool for unlocking management potential and performance. It’s an intervention focused on facilitating reflective learning. The person being coached owns the process and is the active learner through the experience. It has been demonstrated to significantly aid leaders in accelerating organisational performance and/or implementing efefctive change.

Talent development

Investing in talent development is critically important to attract, motivate and retain top quality people. We offer programmes to support our clients looking to provide the best training, development and coaching for their high potential people.

Our portfolio of services is tailored to client needs, and includes:  

  • Empowered change management
  • Project leadership effectiveness
  • Stakeholder management
  • Time management
  • Coaching and Mentoring skills training
  • Leading and Managing People

We work closely with clients to understand the specific requirements and develop modules specifically to meet client needs.