Customer Experience

Many companies excel in individual interactions with customers, but they fail to pay adequate attention to the customer's complete experience. 

Companies have long emphasised touchpoints—the many critical moments when customers interact with the organisation and its offerings on their way to purchase and after. But the narrow focus on maximising satisfaction at those moments can create a distorted picture, suggesting that customers are happier with the company than they actually are. It also diverts attention from the bigger—and more important—picture: the customer’s end-to-end journey.

In our research and consulting on customer journeys, we’ve found that organisations able to skilfully manage the entire experience reap enormous rewards: enhanced customer satisfaction, reduced churn, increased revenue, and greater employee satisfaction. They also discover more-effective ways to collaborate across functions and levels, a process that delivers gains throughout the company.

iBuzcon Ltd
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One thing that is very evident in many of our engagements with clients today, is the power of combining customer experience management [CX], organisational development [OD] and project management [PM] to help them transform their organisations. Success has shown that driving true value and growth for clients, comes from helping them understand what matters most and how they make their customers feel, then helping them adapt their organisations to accelerate delivery and performance around these core competencies consistently. Initially we introduce CX measurement and management to empower organisations to proactively listen to customers across all touch points on their journey and then design responses to address those things customers love and loathe. Voice of the customer and analytics solutions abound and are essential for keeping your finger on the pulse of what customers are thinking and feeling at any moment in time and also throughout their relationship with you ... But good technology is not the whole answer. Organisational responsiveness and action orientation to feedback is critical in closing the loop with customers either immediately or in combination with tactical improvement projects or strategic change programmes. Invariably a portfolio of these projects and programmes in turn drives change at the heart of the organisation; impacting processes and people. We work with clients to help them successfully manage organisation wide change using classical or agile PM, including portfolio, programme and project management to ensure strategic alignment and controlled delivery within investment boundaries … But good method alone is also not enough. Therefore OD becomes a key lever to unlocking human potential at all levels in the organisation through realignment with the change taking place, the culture and desired behaviours. Apart from designing more effectively functioning roles, teams and ways of working, we use integral coaching and talent development as powerful levers for driving cohesiveness and employee engagement in consultative ways. In summary … we have helped our clients transform into successful organisations that [1] listen to their customers, design and adapt their businesses, [2] engage and grow their people, all within the [3] control of a managed change delivery framework.