Project Management

In today's fast moving, fluid business environment there is an ever growing need for proactive business decision making, action orientation and implementation of change.

An agile approach is ideally suited to meet such a need as it allows the solution to evolve whilst delivering real return on investment incrementally.  It is as the definition implies.... able to move fast and easily.

Our service is based on the Agile Project Management foundation principles that focus on delivering to the business need on time and in budget within a shifting environment.

With trained Agile practitioners, iBuzcon is able to successfully demonstrate the techniques required to reach sound business performance rapidly today.


We work with our clients to adopt a project management framework most suitable to their business needs, be that traditional waterfall, agile or bespoke.




We design, develop and deliver project management training courses tailored to our clients exacting needs, delivered inhouse, offsite or virtually, including online assessment and certification.  




We provide independent project assurance by conducting audits, reviews, lessons learnt and benefits realisation studies for clients when project outcomes look uncertain.


iBuzcon Ltd
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Pragmatic project management frameworks Today’s business landscape is littered with project management frameworks or methodologies. Many of these promise to solve business management challenges … and are aimed at helping leaders cope with the pace of organisational change in a controlled manner. All too often these frameworks impose excessive process and inflexibility, coupled with resource intensity to become unwieldy and non-adopted. Their introduction is poorly planned and executed too. This leads stakeholders and their teams to sabotage the method, reverting to old practices or finding ways to game and avoid the framework, ultimately impacting the organisation’s ability to effectively manage change.    What is required is a far more pragmatic framework for managing projects, programmes and portfolios … BUT does such a thing actually exist? Pragmatic as defined is “solving problems in a sensible way that suits the conditions that really exist now, rather than obeying fixed theories, ideas, or rules”. This then implies that a pragmatic framework should be one that can flex to organisational project needs yet still provide an acceptable and consistent level of control. In my opinion, such a framework needs to be designed in partnership with the wider organisation and then expertly introduced through a clearly conceived adoption strategy. One where the business leaders and teams are pulling the framework from the outset and the method fits into their business as usual activity because the benefits are so obvious and the payback guaranteed. The framework needs to be sensible and applicable to business leaders project management challenges without adding overhead … then they will use it! History has shown that in business, adopting a pragmatic approach to problems is often more successful that the idealistic one. Perhaps defining, developing and launching a pragmatic project management framework is realistic then and becoming a priority for organisations that want to exploit new market conditions by remaining nimble and adaptable. To find out more or to share your views … get in touch or respond to this post directly.